September 15, 2015

This evening, in Sarajevan Pivnica HS, there was a concert of the Ravnica ensemble from Subotica that performed traditional tamburitza music. In a great atmosphere, the audience in the Pivnica HS had the opportunity to enjoy the performance of many original songs, as well as various hits, with the excellent Sarajevsko.  The Ravnica band with its each performance has been inspiring everyone and it is no wonder why they are glad to accept any invitation to play again and make the Sarajevan audience merry.

The Ravnica Tamburitza Orchestra was founded in 1992, mainly performing traditional tamburitza music from its very beginning. Over time, due to the market demands, its repertoire expanded and it now includes well tempered old and folk songs from all over the former Yugoslavia, domestic and foreign pop-rock tunes, classical music and evergreens. It is only because of this that this ensemble during its rich career recorded many local, regional, and foreign tours. (Oslobođenje newspaper)