October 30, 2015

Sarajevo, October 29th 2015, the Sarajevska pivara d.d. (Sarajevo Brewery) organized a promotion of the dark Sarajevsko beer in the Pivnica HS in Sarajevo, which was attended by numerous guests from business, public and cultural life of our country. It was pointed out that the Sarajevsko is part of life of generations of Bosnians, and that the Brewery (Sarajevska pivara) is one of few companies which products have been nicknamed by customers – such as Klipača and Bombica (piston-shaped, bomblet), and which is now joined by the dark Sarajevsko, with a redesigned label and slogan “dark Sarajevsko, cool beer “.

“We are proud that our dark Sarajevsko has recently received the gold medal for quality. It is often said that dark beer brewing is the bright side of brewing industry. Although the motif of this promotion is dark beer, it is a bright future that we see before us together with our loyal customers and business partners. We shall not stop; this I promise you on behalf of all employees of the Sarajevska pivara. We have our objective – to be the most common beer brand in our country,” said Haris Kuskunović, director of the Sarajevska Pivara d.d.

He added that dark beer is favored by connoisseurs and true lovers of beer since it leaves a real fullness of beer taste in the mouth and throat. The dark Sarajevsko has a distinct taste that is achieved by a special method of production, and it is complemented by a full, harmonious taste and aromatic bitterness. This year, the Sarajevska pivara has further invested in production capacity and made a complete change of visual identity of beer products. The Sarajevsko is only made of high quality, carefully selected natural raw materials. The basis of its superior quality is the best, domestic, Bosnian water that springs from intact nature of the Trebević Mountain, which the Brewery exploits from its own wells at 300 meters of depth.

In addition to the dark Sarajevsko, the invitees also enjoyed in the entertainment program which was complemented by the Coverdose band and Filip Andronik, stand-up comedian.