September 15, 2015

The Divanhana band, performing traditional music in new arrangements, has been introduced to the audience in an authentic atmosphere of the Sarajevan Pivnica HS in Bistrik. The band was founded by a group of young students of the Music Academy in Sarajevo in early 2009, with the aim to foster the traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan countries, with special emphasis on the sevdalinka (traditional love song).

With the greatest hits of the band, our visitors could enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Pivnica HS that exudes tradition, but also in excellent Sarajevsko beer, which has a good old taste like it used to have. Namely, The Sarajevska pivara (Sarajevo Brewery) has recently, under the slogan – Sarajevo “The taste of the golden age”, launched a campaign with an aim to present a new design and old recipes to our customers, and remind them why they like the Sarajevsko, the brand of 150 years of tradition.